Based on the use of simple and common music instruments like acoustic guitar, piano, toy percussion, voice and the most popular songs and nursery rhymes for children, Frogprince Baby Music Class is a multi-instrumental path toward the joy of socializing through music.

More than everything else, music has always been my best tool for socialization. During my life I've met so many people and I met most of them due to my deep and sincere passion for music of all genres, at all levels. I started to think about this Baby Music Class Project after the birth of my first son Edoardo when realizing he was completely fascinated by this funny dad playing music to him. The music class is a way to approach the amazing process that, at all stages and levels, hides behind the discovery of a story, a rhythm and a melody and the marvelous way in which these three elements merge into what we call songs. On top of this the music class will be a great occasion to dance, have fun together, make friends and a very important opportunity for the babies to interact with their mums and dads, with babies of all different cultures and deepen the knowledge of their own bodies, their motion potentials, the objects and spaces around them.

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